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Know Love Art

About The Artist

At an early age LaLa began to exhibit a great interest and natural skill in visual arts, with a knack at picking up different techniques with ease. Inspired by the art surrounding her in her hometown of Brooklyn, she kept to her roots and keeping her hobby close to heart. she was only able to submerge herself even more into the urban art that caught her eye when she moved to Broward County, now calling Pompano Beach her new home.

Over her adulthood she studied biological sciences while still being too timid to showcase her pieces. LaLa earned her degree in biological sciences and her certificates in business advising and accounting technology.

While working as a bookkeeper she finally got a motivational push from a great friend that took more than a simple interest in the pieces that exuded the emotions that she tackled throughout her lifetime.

taking a giant leap of faith and leaving her 9-5 hours behind, she dove in head first into her first love.

"Everyday I am learning to find myself in my art and experimenting with different mediums and techniques helps me to perfect my craft." 

(Thank you KDG)